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10th Annual Pace Pitch Contest - Pitch 5 SheerStock - Paige Cecchi


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Pace University's Entrepreneurship Lab


Executive Summary

SheerStock is a convenient monthly subscription service for women that delivers a variety of hosiery products, such as tights, stockings, and thigh-highs. SheerStock will offer a variety of styles, brands, colors, patterns, prints, and sizes to tailor to all women. The goal of SheerStock is to provide the customer with multiple pairs of legwear each month that are appropriate for a variety of occasions and will save the customer from "making the trip if they've found a rip."

First, customers will fill out a brief style profile, outlining their personal fashion needs and preferences. For example, a customer can indicate if they primarily wear hosiery in a professional environment or as a fashion accessory. Next, they will specify their size and any features they desire, such as control top or open-toed varieties. This way, we can create a better assortment of hosiery each month for our customers. Lastly, members will then receive a personalized package to meet their needs and preferences containing products from renowned brands, such as Hanes and L'eggs, and other well-known designers. Our goal is to provide the customer with essential hosiery products and introduce subscribers to the latest styles and trends.

SheerStock supports the professional advancement of underprivileged women by donating hosiery to women's empowerment organizations with each new subscriber. These trusted organizations are committed to providing career development tools and support networks that help women achieve their life goals and become financially stable.With SheerStock, we remind the customer that these organizations and women need support as they truly need these products. SheerStock ultimately values the empowerment of women, the goal that remains at the forefront of each stocking delivery.

Currently, subscription commerce is growing in the sector of beauty discovery. Most notably, Birchbox, the leading beauty sample subscription company, has sold over 5 million boxes to 400,000 subscribers since the company's inception in 2010. The subscription business model has also proven itself effective in a disposable goods market. The company Dollar Shave Club provides subscribers with a monthly delivery of razor blades each month. Dollar Shave Club gained popularity in March 2012 when a promotional video went viral. Since then, the company has scaled to about 330,000 subscribers who purchase razors on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. There is a market for hosiery; at some point in the product lifecycle, stockings rip, tear, snag, and need to be replaced. SheerStock aims to disrupt the hosiery market and become the brand leader in subscription hosiery.


Paige Cecchi is currently a junior, B.S. Business Economics student at Pace University. Throughout her college experience, Paige has taken on leadership positions within the Economics Society on campus and expanded her network to include prominent alumni and likeminded motivated students. She has fostered an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age with the goal of starting her own business.

Paige is now focused on launching her company, SheerStock, a monthly subscription hosiery service. After many unpleasant experiences shopping for hosiery products in drug stores, Paige thought of a way to make buying hosiery online easy, convenient, and reliable, as these products are regularly disposable. Along the way, Paige realized organizations that provide professional clothing to underprivileged women were lacking new hosiery products to supply to their members. With both efforts in mind, Paige plans on launching SheerStock this May.

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