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10th Annual Pace Pitch Contest - Pitch 7 Interview Master - Camille Hugh (11 Of 12)


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Pace University's Entrepreneurship Lab

The Interview Master

Executive Summary

Getting a job interview is hard enough, which is why it is important to make the most of every opportunity. Interview Master is an online portal which gives job seekers the upper hand by connecting them with relevant and experienced interviewers in their field. Interviewees are able to get valuable feedback and fine tune their interview technique, which will improve their chance of landing the job of their dreams in an extremely competitive environment.

Interviewers, called mentors, post their credentials on the online platform. After an interviewee selects a mentor in their field of expertise, a mock interview via Skype is arranged. Prior to the interview clients are allowed access to a set of resources and case studies to allow them to brush up on their skills.

During an interview session, mentors analyze the resume, ask challenging questions on a range of relevant subjects, and takes notes about the interviewees' answers and overall performance. Afterwards the mentor provides unbiased detailed feedback. The whole interview is digitally recorded for easy future referencing.

Eligible mentors include human resource managers, recruiters, entrepreneurs/CEO's, and any other individual with experience interviewing and hiring job candidates. All mentors are verified by Interview Master and a rating system adds increased accountability. Mentors post their credentials, and set timed sessions in accordance to their schedule and prices. Interview Master takes a 20% fee.

We envision most mentors will be employed full time and will use our site as an avenue to supplement their income. However, retirees, experts, individual interview coaches/trainers and part time employees will also benefit greatly from the platform, which will result in a diverse range of high quality mentors.

Our target market is recent college graduates, the long-term unemployed, and anyone seeking a job who has difficulty advancing past the interview stage due to a lack of interview experience/practice and confidence. According to the New York Times, long-term joblessness is up 213% since 2007 and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco states newly unemployed workers have about a 20-30% percent chance of finding a new job, that chance drops to 10% after six months.

The Competition consists ofwebsites which offer generic mock interview preparation and coaching online, with prices starting at $80 per session, and some university career services departments. However, interviewers are not specific experts in any one field and cannot provide a realistic interview scenario. Furthermore, university career services are limited to students/alumni and oftentimes depend on a small amount of volunteers to execute the interviews resulting in long wait times.


Interview Master will be a collective of part time mentors who are eager to supplement their income and help people at the same time. This will allow interviewees to find a mentor in their field of expertise at an affordable price and not be paired with a generic Human Resource Manager in an unrelated field.


Camille Hugh holds a MBA in marketing management from Pace University (June 2013) and is an author / serial entrepreneur. She has owned and operated companies in the real estate industry, wedding industry and publishing industry.

Patrick Roche holds a Masters in Architecture from University College Dublin Graduation year 2011 . He has worked throughout the world in many botique design studios and contributed research and graphic design to the second edition of Sustainable Healthcare Architecture published by Wiley in 2013.

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