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11th Annual Pace Pitch Contest - Go! Go! Feed! - Bo Liu, Ni Mei & Sukun Li


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The Pace Pitch Contest is based on the Elevator Pitch concept, popular in the venture capital community. It is an extremely concise presentation of an entrepreneur's idea, business model, marketing strategy, competitive analysis, and financial plan, which is delivered to potential investors. The premise is that it could be made in a few minutes, should the entrepreneur spot a potential investor on an elevator and have the opportunity to pitch their idea during the brief ride.

Each Finalist will have exactly three minutes to pitch their new venture idea to a distinguished panel of judges and an enthusiastic audience. In addition to broad participation at Pace, we have been pleased to welcome student competitors from a number of other universities, including Columbia, Harvard, MIT, NYU, Princeton, and Stanford.

‘Go! Go! Feed!’ is a free app designed for cooking and social networking, also has adequate business market. How to cook delicious dishes when you do not have enough kinds of food? How to develop friendships with others linked with food? How to let your life more colorful with changes in dishes? Let ‘Go! Go! Feed!’ tell you the secrets!

This App provides various recipes based on different cooking levels and ingredients in your fridge.

Target Users:
Offers simple recipes related to what students have in their fridge. Most students have no idea about cooking and just buy ingredients randomly, but these ingredients may be hard to mix together to cook a dish. Therefore, this app is committed to providing simple food with what they have in the fridge. Additionally, when they get accustomed to use this app, they are into cooking, which saves money and keeps healthy.

Office workers
Provides simple dishes to save time in weekdays because this white collar group does not have enough time to cook, therefore this App lists simple but healthy dishes to meet their demands.Enjoy food in weekends. During the weekend, there is a huge market for office workers to get together and enjoy food.

Improve cooking skills. This App offers specific picture in accordance with each step in certain recipes so that housewives can know which step she needs to enhance. Try new dishes to stimulate appetites. Family members may feel tired on their daily food without changes, therefore it is a good chance for housewives to try fresh dishes to attract their family members. It provides housewives more convenience during cooking. They don’t have to buy thick and expensive cooking book. The app is free, vivid and portable.

Go! Go!
This App is a platform for different groups to organize events to network with each other and spread cooking knowledge.

Events held by different Groups:
Users’ Group
Non-merchant users post events and develop friendships.
Merchant users provide activities to attract their target customers.For example, cooking center posts details about training classes.

App Marketing Group
Post to spread cooking knowledge. For instance, App administration provides posts related to Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Cultivation. These posts may only simple spread easy professional knowledge, or may apply some options for users to actually experience it.

Business Market:
This App cooperates with different companies to make sure it offers options for users to experience.For example, when a non-merchant user hosts a event without enough ingredients, then the host can get information about where and what to buy or order online from its cooperation, such as Blue Apron. You can even find a chef from partners, such as Kitchensurfing.
For another example, app marketing group host theme parties, such as organic food party. After communicating with organic companies, this app marketing department can get organic food for free because this activity can advertise this company. Meanwhile, app marketing department will charge all candidates.

Presented by:
Bo Liu, Ni Mei, Sukun Li

For more information, please visit

Pace University's Entrepreneurship Lab

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