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2016 Twelfth Annual Pace Pitch Contest - Pitch 2 Everyday Pace - Adil Sanai (5 Of 10)


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Everyday Pace
Executive Summary

Everyday Pace is a calendar planning app for iOS devices which provides support to people with various disabilities. It is a tool which allows them to create schedules and goals for themselves and helps them preserve it daily. This app focuses on supporting people with disabilities who are in a school environment, but it can be used by anyone who wants or needs an accessible, user-friendly planner. This app distinguishes itself from other calendar apps by allowing user-customizability, a high visual appeal, and an achievement scorecard with which to measure their accomplishments by. The user-customizability aspect of the app lets the user take pictures of their own personal environment to associate with their schedule, and the achievement scorecard tracks their success at maintaining these schedules. These scorecards will also allow parents and caregivers to check on an individual’s progress without being too intrusive.

Over the past few years, there have been new initiatives for the inclusion of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities into higher education programs in the US. However, there have not been many, if any, apps developed for this target population. This app will be one of the first of its kind to target this population, and will hopefully pave the way for other apps to become developed in the future to support them. The availability of this app will also allow these students to feel more involved in their school environment.

Currently, the app is being developed by Adil Sanai, a special education student at Pace University, with the support of his professors and peer mentors. Adil currently takes Computer Science classes to learn more about computers, and concurrently uses that information to develop the app. An investment in Everyday Pace will allow Adil to develop the app in a more efficient manner, by allowing purchase of app creation software. When finished, the app will be made available for free on Apple App Store for both iPhone and iPad versions.


My name is Adil Sanai. I am currently a special education at Pace University in the Seindenberg School of Computer Science. I am in my second year at Pace, and I am expected to finish this special education program in the year 2020. I was born with cerebral palsy. In 1999, I moved to the US from Pakistan. I spent 15 years of my life being unable to stand, walk, or close my mouth. I was very determined to have a better life in the US, so after I arrived, I was able to undergo multiple surgeries to correct these complications from cerebral palsy. I am now motivated to learn about everything life has to offer, and I would like to support others with disabilities like me.

Pace University's Entrepreneurship Lab

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