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2016 Twelfth Annual Pace Pitch Contest - Pitch 6 TRIESSS - Scarlett Loughlin


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TRIESSS •Swim•Sand•Surf•
Executive Summary

This is the product pitch for an innovative solution to slippage and instability in women’s active swimwear. Picture this: A lifeguard spots a patron flailing in the ocean. She blows her whistle and dismounts off of the stand. She starts running into the ocean and her suit bottoms being an upward progression between her ‘cheeks.’ No time for adjustments, she hurdles over the waves and dives into the ocean. Now, battling waves, her suit top is sliding off her chest; hit on the right by a wave, her suit shifts to the left side of her body. These are the struggles any women partaking in any athletic activity while wearing a bathing suit. Likewise similar scenarios occur on a daily basis for surfers, swimmers, yogi’s, paddle boarders, the list goes on.

The product solution to these everyday happenstances is a bikini with a structure, fabric, and detailed grip lining that will provide maximum stability and NO slippage. Now, one could argue, why not just wear a one piece? Yes, that is a solution however not everyone wants to wear a one piece, get one piece tan lines, or be restricted by a full suit, and why should they have to?

The TRIESSS •Swim•Sand•Surf• brand will provide fashionable bathing suits engineered to grip and hug the body, flattering every curve, while staying in place when life tries to move it. This will be accomplished by three design techniques: The cuts of the suits will intertwine fashion trends and stability for the chest. Cross back ties of the suit, ties on the bottoms, and a cheeky cut will keep the suit in place. The second, but crucial piece to this suit design is a two strip silicone ‘no slip grip’ lining. Two strips of this fabric, seamed into the fabric of the suit. The silicone lining will go on ALL edges of the suit including: breast linings, around the rib cage, hip, and leg holes. This will give the suit already tied to perfect fit the body of the wearer, extra grip to the skin. Lastly, the brand is supposed to hold high fashion standards as well. It will not lack style to compromise for stability like most suits of it’s nature.

TRIESS •Swim•Sand•Surf• suits will be a beacon of hope for fashionable athletic women who want to feel confident and sexy in their bikinis.


Scarlett Loughlin is a swimmer, surfer, yogi (practicing yoga), fashionista, blogger, social butterfly, and a full time student-athlete. I keep a well-balanced life of immersing myself in all aspects of my passions. One morning at swim practice this summer, my idea of an athletic training bikini or women of my likeness, would benefit the society of actively athletic women. Being a fashion lover and athletic, I paired together what I know, what I need to know, and how I would go about doing so, all in one swim practice. I eagerly jumped out of the pool to write down what is now a work in progress, TRIESSS – •Swim•Sand•Surf• -- What will be my bathing suit line. As I have been inspired by my passions, I hope to use my company and product to inspire others to live a happy, healthy, life, and to follow their dreams.

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